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Services Offered

Ashley Consulting for Educational Services offers a variety of services aimed at building school and district cultures rooted in equity, excellence, and coherence.

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Services Offered

Do any of these areas need attention within your organization? Can your school and district leaders benefit from having more support?

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Allegations and complaints are investigated by an impartial third-party in a comprehensive manner, gathering witness statements and abiding by statutory requirements and procedural guidelines. Investigative reports are written with clarity, thoroughness and timeliness.

  • Title IX, sexual harassment, sexual abuse, molestation, sexual assault, dating violence, stalking
  • Discrimination, retaliation, employee misconduct, workplace aggression, Uniform Complaint Procedures
  • Employee to Employee; Employee to Student; Student to Student Investigations
  • Mandated reporting
  • Environmental scans, board policy development
  • Training investigation teams
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Mediation and Third-Party Resolution

Workplace conflict makes for a toxic culture and damages trust, morale, and productivity. Our mediation and third-party resolution practices aim for respectful agreements and cooperation amongst all parties.

  • Effective mediation techniques and communication skills are used to help resolve conflict in the workplace.
  • Specific behaviors are addressed to facilitate respect and restore relationships.
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Communication Systems

Ineffective communication harms relationships and often causes confusion and disharmony. Systematic approaches to verbal and written communication can be implemented to achieve collaborative work and desired results.

  • Communicate verbally and in writing for effectiveness and change; to implement as a system, not just a technique.
  • Constructive communication for difficult conversations and to repair trust.
  • Develop effective partnerships with labor groups.
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Performance Evaluation Systems

Performance evaluations are not a substitute for relationship building, communication and trust. When evaluation and communication systems are aligned and implemented with understanding and respect, work relationships can strengthen along with productivity. Ashley Consulting provides an analysis of these systems.

  • Develop and implement aligned systems of evaluation amongst classified and certificated workgroups.
  • Establish steering committees and focus groups before rolling out new systems.
  • Create sustainability.
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Executive Coaching and Leadership Team Development

Trust and integrity are at the foundation of effective relationships. Ashley Consulting provides intentional coaching strategies to develop strong leaders and interconnected leadership teams.

  • Ethical leadership.
  • Team building to enhance trust and interconnectedness.
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